Auditing Services are applicable to Company’s own specific system requirements, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, Responsible Care, HACCP; ISO 22000 and Integrated Management Systems.

Internal Audits

Internal audits are carried out to measure the effective implementation of the system.  Documentation as well as implementation of the system is audited. Audits are carried out based on the company’s own management system requirements and any other management system standard it wants to comply with.

Supplier Audits and Supply-Chain Audits 

Supplier Audits are conducted against the specific tender or customer specified/product requirements.  These audits are conducted to ensure that suppliers meet your quality, safety, health, environment, sustainability, social accountability/responsibility, or ethical requirements. 

Gap Analysis Audits

Gap analysis audits determine the degree of compliance with a specification or specific standard/s.  It identifies the shortcomings within the system.  These audits focus on identifying the baseline status of an organisation beginning phase of implementation.  Mostly documentation is evaluated during this type of audit.

Pre-Assessment/ Pre-Certification Audits

Pre-Assessment audits are normally conducted after a series of internal audits and before applying for certification of a management system at a Certification Body.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)/ Factory System Audits (Food Industry)

GMP audits are based on the minimum requirements of SANS 10049 Food Safety Management – Requirements for Prerequisite Programmes (PRP’s).

Hygiene (Food Safety) Audits/ Inspections 

Hygiene Audits or Inspections are conducted against the applicable requirements in the Health Act 63, SANS 10049 and/ or AIB Consolidated Food Standards. These can be spot inspections or regular inspections at one or more locations. These audits/inspections include a visual inspection, temperature control/refrigeration evaluation (temperature control facilities and if perishables are kept at correct temperatures), Transportation (vehicles used for food products), Personnel/Staff hygiene, etc.

HSE Compliance Audits

HSE audits are conducted to evaluate a company’s HSE compliance against applicable health and safety and environmental legislation and customer requirements.

Contractor Compliance Audits

These audits are conducted to ensure that contractors comply with the requirements of the customer/client, legislation and the specifications/service level agreements/contracts in place.


Our technical services include compiling safety risk assessments, aspects and impacts registers, assist with SHE files, SHE workplace inspections and baseline facility inspections to evaluate compliance with the OHS ACT.